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We’re pioneering financing for online businesses across Europe

Growing a business isn’t always easy

That’s why we support companies when they need our help the most. We help businesses that are ready to scale, providing them with the resources they need exactly when they need them.

Fueling company growth with funding

Finding the right partner is difficult, especially when it comes to funding growth. That’s why businesses should look for a partner that not only offers funding, but advice and expertise too.


To be the most trusted, reliable and effective finance partner for online SMEs.


Empower online SMEs to grow rapidly by providing access to uncomplicated and flexible financing


Fredi Gruber

Alfred has spent over 25 years in finance. After completion of his PhD from the University of St Gallen he has worked across a number of roles, including international finance, capital markets and corporate banking. However, he always had a bigger dream of finding his own startup and soon after first working his co-founder Nathan, the idea for Fulfin was born. While working with another Munich-based startup, he met Nathan and the idea for fulfin was born.

Fredi also invests some of his time advising other young founders and innovative startups.

Nathan Evans

Nathan has over 10 years of experience in FinTech. Previously he had a successful career in investment banking, working in London, Munich and Zurich. He is also an ecommerce expert in his own right, having a broad knowledge of the market and how it works. He picked up this knowledge as a co-owner of one of Germany’s fastest growing online accessories brands.

Nathan is also a co-Director of the Founders Institute in Munich, supporting young companies to develop and scale their own startups.


Employees (and growing)

Nationalities represented

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As a company, we have some values that we live by

Each of our core values are aligned to our company's vision, and will guide us in achieving our mission to revolutionize financing for online businesses across Europe

Always be transparent

We address personal and professional differences openly, never saying things behind a colleagues back that we would not say to their face.

We value the customer

Customers are why we wake up every day. It's simple, without them fulfin wouldn't exist. That's why our customers' perspective comes first.

Give and take responsibility

Responsibility goes both ways. That's why we ensure that everyone at fulfin accepts ownership. We will always admit when we are wrong.

Continuous improvement

We strive to be the best version of ourselves. We work on our weaknesses and value doing what is relevant above doing what we are good at.

Careers at fulfin

We’re growing fast to achieve out mission. It drives us every day and we are looking for curious, passionate and determined people like you to help us achieve it.

“Entrepreneurs at heart, we are building a team of like-minded innovators, who have a passion for growth and customer success” 



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