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Andreea Octavia Stancu August 12, 2020 < 1 Minute
Categories: Ecommerce | Ecommerce Marketing

Those who start selling products on Amazon often do not yet deal with the question of financing. However, once the product range is positioned and the orders are steadily increasing, the existing stock is rapidly reduced and new orders are necessary. Especially large shopping events cause the number of orders to rise sharply.

However, if the revenues generated by then have not yet been received in the account, a cash flow problem arises. The resulting out-of-stock event also leads not only to lost sales during the time when no goods can be sold, but also to a poorer ranking of the products when they are reinstated.

Especially before big shopping events such as Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday or the orders can pile up, lack of stock can then lead to large can then lead to major sales losses. It is therefore advisable to financing solutions at an early stage and to prepare comprehensively for upcoming for upcoming shopping events.

Sellers should should start ordering new products and stocking up a few months before the event. and stock up on inventory. The standard delivery time for new products is three months by default. Therefore, the summer months of months of July and August are particularly suitable for new orders. fulfin is a pioneer in the field of commodity financing by means of a commodity-secured loan and offers sellers short-term sellers short term and reliable financing solutions in order to place exactly these to place these orders. On the platform we have developed platform the Credit application as well as the credit check online, simply and quickly.

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