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Andreea Octavia Stancu March 9, 2020 3 Minutes
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Search engine optimization has become increasingly complex in recent years. Google makes regular updates and complicates the process for the trader. Especially for small website owners this makes it more and more complicated to optimize their pages regularly with new tips and tricks. With Amazon, marketplace optimization - thanks to the A9 search engine - if you know how to rank Amazon products, is possible with very little effort. 

If you look at the factors that the A9 search engine includes in its ranking, you will find significant differences in addition to some parallels to Google's ranking. While Google primarily wants to sell advertising space, Amazon is only interested in selling goods. Therefore, the A9 search engine is more oriented towards the buyer experience.

Step 1: Increase the relevance of the product page to rank Amazon products

The following five tips help to increase the relevance of the product page. If this is ideally optimized, you can increase the buyer experience in the next step. 

1 – The right product title 

A meaningful product title consists at best of the right keywords (a comprehensive keyword research before naming the product can be worthwhile), the USPs (ideally, those selling points are mentioned here that are not available with the competition) and possibly the brand (general umbrella terms can be just as worthwhile as a brand term, e.g. mobile phone charging cable vs. Apple charging cable). In addition, it is recommended to use multilingual keywords (German and English) to rank Amazon products as well as semantic links (when entering the search, not only the searched product is displayed, but also accessories or related articles). 

2 – Tagged

Within the product description, attention should definitely be paid to the use of keywords as well. The use of keywords can be an effective method for this. Additionally, these keywords should be used in the "Buy Box" (if available) to rank the product catalog higher in the search results. 

3 – Specifications 

The specifications are another method to use keywords - beyond the product description. All technical as well as physical information about the product is listed there. This can include weight, size, color, production date as well as technical specifications. 

4 – URL 

With the help of the URLs, Amazon determines the relevance of the listings for a specific search term. Therefore, it is especially important to pay attention to the use of keywords here. A good way to determine the ideal URL is to create a query URL for your product page and keyword and then append it as code to the end of the product URL. Finally, after shortening the URL, a final URL can be created that will drive traffic to that link. 

5 – Targeted brand building 

If you look at really successful sellers on Amazon, you'll notice that most don't sell under someone else's label, but under their own. Branding offers marketing advantages, often higher margins, and increased sales through affiliate sites. 

Step 2: Optimize the buying experience to increase product ranking

The following five tips will especially help to increase the Amazon customer's buyer experience. Amazon wants to be the most buyer-friendly sales platform online - that's why Amazon ranks products that offer a special buyer experience high.

1 – Customer reviews 

From experience, customer reviews and the social proof generated by them represent a significant factor in a customer's purchase decision. In the same way, a significant number of negative reviews can destroy a listing. Therefore, it is especially important to have access to a wide range of positive reviews. In addition to the quality of the review, the timeliness and the total number of reviews are also crucial. 

2 – Seller reviews

While customer reviews are usually the first thing you think of when it comes to reviews, seller reviews are not to be neglected either. Especially when selling third-party products, a high ranking from other sellers is important to get into the buy box. 

3 – Selling price

In terms of pricing, it is not necessarily the cheapest price that wins, but the most effective in terms of sales. Often, you will find indentical products with different brandings as well as a large discrepancy in sales prices on Amazon. With that being said, the lowest priced product is rarely the best seller and often generates very little to no sales. This is because you should rank on page 1 with your sale product to generate high sales. Therefore, the price should be chosen in such a way that it enables the necessary marketing as well as makes a double-digit margin possible. 

4 – Amazon FBA 

Amazon gives priority to products that are shipped via FBA delivery. The relevance of the selected keywords is increased and thus receives a higher ranking. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Amazon FBA service for a really high ranking.

5 – Increase sales through your own affiliate website

As already mentioned, building your own affiliate website can also be a suitable method to rank Amazon products. By rewriting the Amazon content, you can easily build an additional affiliate website. If you also include a tracking link, you can also collect the affiliate commissions on Amazon. In addition to the sales rank, the turnover is also increased. 

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