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While search engine optimization used to be possible with two or three simple tricks, Google has also learned and made search engine optimization more complex with various updates called Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, etc. This has spawned whole new professions like SEO/SEA analysts, but has not necessarily made life easier for smaller website owners and merchants on Amazon. This is different on Amazon. Here - thanks to the search engine A9 - a so-called marketplace optimization is already possible with a few means. And while you often have to wait months on google to see the first results, better ranking on Amazon is often visible after just a few minutes.

Looking at the basic ranking factors of the A9 search engine, there are not only parallels to Google, but also significant differences. Because while Google wants to sell advertising space, Amazon is only interested in selling products, which is why the A9 is therefore oriented towards the buyer experience.

The most important criteria for a better ranking on Amazon:

1) Match between search query and search result

2) Reviews of other customers for this product/retailer

2) Attractiveness of price, shipping costs and delivery time

Re 1) Better ranking on Amazon due to better match between search query and search result

  • Make sure you have a sensible product title, which at best is an interplay of keywords, brand, USPs and good selling points;
  • Really take the time to keyword your products. Also pay attention to multilingual keywords;
  • Best selling point: Your images. Produce high resolution images between 1000x1000px and 1500x1500px;
  • Often neglected: a good product description that not only lists features, but perhaps also emotional selling points;

Re 2) Better ranking on Amazon through reviews for this product/retailer.

  • Especially if a review is found useful by other merchants, a review on Amazon is sales-promoting; experience shows that those who ask for detailed reviews also receive significantly more useful reviews;
  • In addition to the rating itself, the timeliness and total number of ratings is also crucial;
  • Important: In addition to customer ratings, seller ratings are also very important. The main goal here is to get into the buy box; 

Re 3) Better ranking on Amazon through increased attractiveness of price, shipping costs and delivery time

  • It is not the cheapest price that wins, but the most effective one; position yourself in the comparatively cheapest third;
  • Particularly in online trade, a lot is placed on speed; short delivery times therefore have an extremely positive effect;

In summary:

Through an optimized Amazon SEO, the product ranking can be significantly improved. By observing the listed criteria, the scalability of the products can be increased and the sales increased.

Learn here even more about how you can rank your Amazon products to the top position and what steps will help you do it.

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