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Andreea Octavia Stancu March 3, 2020 < 1 Minute
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We have great news: fulfin is nominated for the FinTech Germany Award. nominated!

Who will be awarded?

The FinTech Germany Award is one of the leading awards for FinTech companies in Germany. The financial centre Frankfurt awards outstanding FinTech startups in various categories. The startups are evaluated and compared in their individual company phases. Thereby, a multitude of different criteria are applied. Based on a scoring procedure, the jury then determines the winners of the individual categories, including the special prizes. 

FinTech Germany Award Categories

This year, the jury will present the FinTech Germany Award in the following categories: 

  • seed stage 
  • Early Stage 
  • late stage 
  • Growth Stage 
  • Best Foreign Entrant to Germany 

In addition, the following special awards will be given in 2020: 

  • InsurTech 
  • Blockchain 
  • Artificial intelligence 

The award ceremony will take place on 14 May 2020 in Frankfurt. We are excited!

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