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Andreea Octavia Stancu May 11, 2020 < 1 Minute
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Get Started with Amazon FBA - The guide for the new generation of e-commerce pioneers who want to successfully build an Amazon business. The e-book gives entrepreneurs the most important tools and tactics to successfully launch a business. It shows specific strategies as well as hacks for financing goods, positioning and ranking on Amazon, tools and platforms for online business and explains everything about buying and selling e-commerce businesses.

Readers can expect chapters on topics including: 

  • Product research and sourcing 
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Product presentation
  • Sales models: private label or resell
  • Advertise on Amazon
  • Measures against ranking losses when "out-of-stock-event" is approaching
  • Financing - How much growth can I afford?
  • Tools & Platforms for your online business
  • Purchase and sale of e-commerce businesses
  • many more tips & hacks for Amazon Vendors

Nathan Evans and Alfred Gruber, Co-Founder of fulfin, have tackled various issues that online retailers face and point out mistakes that young companies should urgently avoid. From product research, product sourcing and logistics, to marketing, product presentation, and sales models, to advertising on Amazon and taking action against rank loss.

In addition, readers can expect two exciting guest chapters from Amazon experts Marc Staller and performance marketing expert Daniel Bidmon.

If you want to know more about the e-book and the authors > here

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