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Andreea Octavia Stancu May 28, 2020 7 Minutes
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Seller Barcamp Online: From 24.06.20 | Be at the first virtual Seller Barcamp on it! 

In June the next #SellerBarcamppowered by fulfin and Dragonflip

Due to the current situation, the participants will not come together for an in-person session this time - the Seller Barcamp will take place as a virtual session for the first time in June. Every participant can watch the session when and from where they want. We want to maintain our popular Seller Barcamp spirit and offer participants the opportunity to exchange the latest hacks, tips and tricks of the e-commerce industry during the online session.  

Procedure of the Seller Barcamp Online 

Participants who would like to hold a session can apply until the 31 May submit a one-minute speed pitch. Of course, participants do not have to hold a session, just listening is also possible. Until the June 15 participants can then submit a ten-minute session in video format. From the June 24 all sessions are available and can be watched - when and where you want. 

Participation in the virtual Seller Barcamp is 100% free of charge. There are no costs for the ticket, the journey or for an overnight stay. In addition, all sessions can be attended asynchronously - there will be no overlaps between the sessions. 

Thank you all session donorswho made this possible!

These topics are waiting for you!

Amazon topics


Amazon PPC

Purchasing & Logistics

Multichannel: Alternatives to Amazon

e-commerce finance

Taxes & Compliance


Mindset & Tools


  • How do I find the right photographer? - Victor Uhl

If you want to be part of the first virtual session, you should make sure to get your get a free ticket!

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Here is the broadcast schedule for the Seller Barcamp Podcast

How to find terms for content and advertising with Christian Otto Kelm
Find keywords and synonyms. fast - easy - uncomplicated

Get Reviews on Amazon TOS Compliant with Tanguy Rohou
Learn the different ways you can easily get new product reviews. All methods shown are Amazon TOS compliant!

Increase conversion rate through A+ content with Daniel Berhe
This session will explain how to create A+ content that is visually appealing, but also helps increase conversion rates.

Account blocking on Amazon with August Kroll
What does it cost a merchant to be blocked on Amazon? How can damage be minimized? How can you as a merchant, despite the high dependence on Amazon, meet the seller performance at eye level? Amazon is a great marketplace with incredible possibilities and a sensational potential and yet every day Amazon causes enormous damage. A damage that can hardly be quantified.

Quick Tips on Amazon Sellercentral with Anton Hermann
SPACEGOATS now manages thousands of ASINs from over 100 brands in 6 countries. Along the way, many problems had to and still have to be addressed with creative solutions. This talk will present 7 tips that can help in dealing with Amazon and even avoid irreversible problems. Enjoy!

Current launch strategies & ranking factors with Marc Staller
In this short video, I show you 3 mistakes, 3 goals, and 3 methods for the perfect launch on Amazon.

Don't waste your attention with Caroline Helbing
We all know that each day has only 24 hours and our attention is also limited. However, it is amazing how few advertising contacts only get through to us every day. In order to be consciously noticed by customers, we need to adapt our communication. I'll show you important perception patterns you should use and what matters in content creation.

5 directly applicable tips & tricks for your brand building with Bernhard Rauscher
Bernhard Rauscher

Marketplace Advertising Away from Amazon with Lara Marie Massmann
Everyone knows the Sponsored Product Ads on Amazon, but other marketplaces also offer similar options. Together, we want to take a look beyond the horizon and turn to other marketplaces that perhaps not every online retailer has on the screen. We will take a look at the requirements for advertising on Ebay,, Zalando or and which advertising formats can be placed there.

Profitable Facebook Ads for Amazon Sellers with Daniel Bidmon
In this talk, you'll learn how to run profitable Facebook Ads and do better marketing in general.

How to use WhatsApp successfully for your e-commerce - Matthias Mehner
8 out of 9 Germans use WhatsApp! But am I allowed to do that as a company? Do the customers want that, what about DSGVO and can I really already sell via WhatsApp? Yes! I'll show you in this 10 minute sprint with my favorite example!

Attribution of your Amazon PPC campaigns with Dr. Florian Nottorf
If a shopper clicks on an ad in Amazon Product Search and completes the purchase, Amazon associates their order with the click. However, the user often does not buy immediately. Nevertheless, his order must be assigned to the advertising campaign. Florian takes a look with you at how Amazon proceeds with the subsequent attriibution of orders to ad clicks, how different this is for sponsored products and sponsored brands campaigns and why you should know your individual time period for this follow-up and definitely take it into account in the performance evaluation.

How do you find ASINs for your advertising? With Christian Otto Kelm
Christian Otto Kelm

Amazon PPC in times of the pandemic with Michael Hecker
How has Amazon ad campaign performance changed since the COVID-19 outbreak? In this talk, Michael Hecker discusses the latest data and explains how you can leverage the current market environment for profitable growth.

Case Study on SPA, SB & SDA with Nadine Schöpper
As part of a case study with one of our clients, we compared the various advertising formats in terms of their performance and reach. For SDAs in particular, we provide recommendations for action based on the results of the case study.

Sponsored Ads Keyword vs. Product Targeting with Thierry Albrecht
In this session, you'll learn the differences of keyword and product targeting in detail and why you should rather avoid product targeting altogether.

Effective PPC structure with Tanguy Rohou
I've been selling on Amazon for 10 years, and in that time I've invested over $400,000+ in PPC advertising. What I'm sharing today is the model I've developed to help me set up and run effective and profitable PPC campaigns

Procurement in the crisis with Stefan Grimm
Traditional procurement channels and theme plans have suddenly become worthless to retailers, so procurement is responding to the Corona crisis and seizing its opportunities.

Cashflow: How to scale your business massively with Philip Kleudgen
Learn how you can massively improve your cash flow by selling retail and branded products to complement your own brand. You can implement the techniques and tips from the lecture immediately afterwards.

Using rail as a mode of transport with Cornelia Mielitz
Cornelia Mielitz

How to sell your first product on Amazon in under 30 days - WITHOUT importing from China! With Sebastian Siedlecki
This lecture gives you practical knowledge that you can put into practice immediately. Sebastian shows you an (almost) secret alternative to the classic private label. Learn exactly what all these "gurus" want to sell you as the silver bullet - and why you should keep your distance if you don't want to burn your money senselessly. Sebastian unpacks and tells you what NOBODY has told you about Amazon FBA so far: "How to build a high income on Amazon WITHOUT having to import products from China.

When customs really checks and how you can legally save on duties with Francine Dammholz
If you're a conscientious business owner who doesn't want to deal with customs hassles and would like to learn how to legally save on duties, then this is a must-see video for you.

Shopify: How you can test new growth potentials fast, easy and cheap with Daniel Wiegand
If you want to test your products on new target groups or want to try out another sales channel, you can use this method. With Shopify or other Shop as a Service solutions, you can experiment quickly, easily and cheaply before investing a lot of effort in a long-term solution.

From likes to purchases: how do you convert your target audience on Instagram & Co? Mobile Checkout Optimization with Sarah Lausch
Learn all about the Instagram shopping feature, tips & tricks on how to target your audience and how to design your mobile checkout to convert interested users into sales

How Amazon delivers 3 new customers for your online shop every day! With André Streuber
Attract new customers on Amazon with the CLV strategy and turn them into subscription customers for your store.

Automation for Multichannel Sellers with David Pohlmann
In the lecture, I will briefly show why multichannel plays an increasingly important role, especially for (private) brands, what dangers it brings with it to bet only on one horse and how you can sell successfully and automatically on different channels without bellyaches and too much extra work.

Reducing purchase abandonment in e-commerce - Benedikt Merl
User abandonment hurts especially when it happens just before the purchase is completed. In this session, we'll look at the most important factors to consider when avoiding abandonment, especially with mobile users in mind.

Successful selling on idealo with Thomas Kurschat
Thomas Kurschat

How the million exit with Timo Bock succeeds
What is the value of my FBA business? What can I do to increase the value?

Profitability and liquidity - what really matters - a case study during and after the crisis with Dr. Alfred Gruber
How do I increase my profit. How do I increase my cash flow and what can financing do for me in this context?

EXIT?! - Approaches & ideas for building a valuable business with Thorsten Klessen
What separates a valuable FBA business from a "job" as an Amazon merchant? Is get rich quick possible? How can I make my business a passive income stream or sellable? „

Halve taxes - How you can halve or even completely eliminate the tax burden of your company with a company in Georgia with Steffen Petri
I present online retailers with beneficial tax strategies with Georgia corporations that they can use to drastically reduce their tax burden.

Mistakes sellers make when expanding to international marketplaces with Jana Krekic
We will go over the most common mistakes when starting to sell on international marketplaces, gathered from our experience working with 6-8 figure sellers

PAN-EU: When not now, when then? With Markus Pfister
In this talk I summarize my best practices for starting with PAN-EU and show you: - Why you should start with PAN-EU. - Who PAN-EU is suitable for. - Why now is the best time to start with PAN-EU. - What are the biggest stumbling blocks - What are the biggest long-term benefits with PAN-EU.

in the USA - now much easier! - Michael Kempe
Basics on sales tax in the U.S., powerful new simplification for marketplace sellers, cleaning up sales tax debt

Tools for remote teams with Julien Diebel
Learn about the tools MyTalent uses to successfully work remotely.

Three things to be successful in ECommerce with Jens Lindner
Jens Lindner

From mindset to capital to the strategic development of your business

How do I find the right photographer? Victor Uhl
What do I have to look out for? What must he be able to do?

Product photography: From the gallery to the shopping cart with Al-Hakim Mohamad
Al-Hakim Mohamad

Sponsored Ads along the Customer Jourey with Thierry Albrecht
Amazon's attribution models hide where you pick up the customer with sponsored ads. Learn how to get around this problem and get the most out of your advertising budget.

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