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Andreea Octavia Stancu September 9, 2020 3 Minutes
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In order to sell a product successfully on Amazon, the optimal product description is of utmost relevance. Providing detailed product descriptions can not only influence the customer's buying decision, but also provide relevant information for the Amazon algorithm, which influences the visibility of the product. However, with the limitations set by Amazon, it is extremely difficult to find ways to make one's product the focus of potential buyers. Amazon product descriptions are limited to a length of 2,000 characters. In addition, neither images nor graphics can be added to the description. Therefore, it is advisable to use various tools and functions that Amazon provides to its sellers in order to optimize product descriptions.

Amazon A+ Content 

To make Amazon product descriptions as appealing as possible, Amazon offers sellers the A+ Content (Enhanced Brand Content) tool. A+ Content provides sellers with a premium content feature that enables the creation of visually designed product descriptions. Using this tool, visual shapes, color representations, additional images and even videos can be added to the product description. To use A+ Content and take advantage of the additional visual content, sellers simply need to have registered their brand with Amazon. The use of the tool is (still) free of charge at the moment.  

Advantages of optimized Amazon product descriptions 

1. increase conversion rate

The conversion rate describes the percentage of visitors who make a purchase in relation to the total number of visitors. If a product has 100 visitors in a certain period of time, ten of whom make a purchase, the conversion rate is 1%. If the conversion rate doubles to 2%, sales will double as well. This not only leads to more sales, but also to a higher ranking of the corresponding product.  

Learn more about the ranking factors for Amazon here

2. Reduce returns and negative reviews

An optimized product description gives the customer a better understanding of the product itself, its function as well as its features. By providing specific features as well as outlining the benefits of the product, the customer can be supported in making an informed purchase decision. As a result, this leads to both fewer returns and fewer negative reviews. 

3. Increase ROI from PPC campaigns 

Increased click numbers as a result of PPC campaigns alone are not enough to increase the sales of a product. It is also important to generate not only clicks, but sales. A convincing and equally appealing product description helps potential customers to convince them to make a purchase decision and thus reduces the costs for each individual sale from ads in the long term. At the same time, this can also improve the ROI (return of investment) of the campaign. 

7 measures to optimize Amazon product descriptions

  1. Present USP of the products 

An optimal product description should focus on the advantages of the respective product and explain which needs, which problems and which benefits the product addresses. The USP of the product can be excellently emphasized through additional visual impressions by means of colored inserts and images. 

2. Present product details that are relevant to the decision 

Especially with cost-intensive purchases, a customer's purchase decision usually depends on the wealth of product information available. A variety of relevant information therefore not only helps to speed up the purchase decision, but also to create realistic expectations of the product, which problems it can solve and which not - the latter additionally also reduces returns. 

3. Stand out from the competition 

The competition on Amazon is constantly increasing and it is becoming more and more difficult to offer products with acceptable profit margins. Optimized Amazon product descriptions can help to stand out from the competition and put the product in the focus of potential customers. In addition, elaborately designed product descriptions can distract from competing advertisements that are placed around the product. 

4. Presenting content in an easily understandable way 

Especially with products that combine several features as well as functions, a detailed presentation by means of videos, pictures or detailed descriptions helps the customer to understand the product in its full range of functions. 

5. Answer FAQs 

The processing of customer questions and concerns from the question and review area is also recommended. Visually appealing designed, frequently asked questions can be addressed and answered already within the product description. 

6. Storytelling of the brand 

Although the product price is the strongest criterion in the purchase decision, an appealing brand story can also influence a customer's purchase decision. For example, quality criteria of the brand can be particularly emphasized. A corresponding storytelling of the brand is especially recommended for those products that are comparatively expensive. 

7. increase customer loyalty 

By means of images and videos, the customer can be given a more accurate picture of the product. In this way, a connection to the customer can be established, which would not be possible with limited textual product descriptions.

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