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Andreea Octavia Stancu March 11, 2020 2 Minutes
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The Seller Barcamps - powered by fulfin and Dragonflip differ significantly from classic conferences, because: No speakers are booked, there are only active participants. Together, they develop a user-generated, individual program for each individual barcamp. Lectures, discussions as well as workshops are developed and offered by the participants themselves. This way, we ensure that the agenda as well as the hacks and tips always correspond to the most current wishes and interests of our participants.

On Saturday, February 15, 2020, one of our successful Seller Barcamps, powered by fulfin and Dragonflip, took place at Munich's Werk 1. Almost 120 participants gathered for the opening session and the official welcome by the organizers in the event space of the Munich WERK1. During a joint breakfast, the participants developed the day's agenda based on the wishes and interests of the participants.  

Afterwards, the participants themselves gave presentations, initiated discussions and offered workshops in six different sessions, distributed over five different workshop spaces. Thus, five presentations took place at the same time, so that each participant could individually compile his or her own program. 

To give you a small insight into the lectures and workshops on offer, we have recorded our highlights for you here: 

David Hach, CEO of AMZ Advertise and Liebfeld ecommerce gave a presentation on "Profitable PPC switching". 

Nathan Evans, Co-Founder of fulfinand co-director of the FI Munich offered an interactive workshop on "Investor 101 - How do I find investors? How do I pitch to them? How do I get the best deal? How do I survive the stage to investment?".

Tanguy Rohou, Co-Founder of Trendle Analytics, presented the topic "Getting Reviews" in one session and "Scaling Profitable PPC Campaigns" in another, inviting participants to a joint discussion in each case afterwards. 

Bernhard Rauscher, Founder of Brandonaut, Photographer, digital entrepreneur as well as owner of several Amazon companies such as. Purple rocket as well as brands like  InspiracleCapricorn7 Lumenman and burnletics offered participants a workshop on "Defining your brand in 60 minutes". 

COK - Christian Otto Kelm, Vice President Product at Amalyze and Speaker and Author invited interested participants to a presentation on "Amazon SEO 2.0".

We are pleased to report that this Seller Barcamp was once again extremely well received by the participants.

"The Seller Barcamp is the most important event in the e-commerce scene! Together with dragonflip and over 15 other partners, Fulfin is proud to be able to deliver such an exciting event to the participants - no other event in this area offers a comparably diverse day program. 30 different workshops tailored to the interests of sellers and the opportunity to exchange ideas on e-commerce topics make the Seller Barcamp the most important place to go for Amazon Insights, Shopify tips and online growth hacks."

Nathan Evans, Fulfin

After a final feedback session, the participants had the opportunity to talk about the sessions and the latest hacks and tips from the e-commerce industry over beer and pizza. A successful event all around!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our great attendees as well as speakers for making this a fantastic Seller Barcamp. 

We would also like to thank our partners, without whom this event would not have been possible. First of all, Unicon Logistics, Penta, Trendle Analytics, Amalyze and servantful, who made it possible to create different workshop spaces for the event. Additionally, a big thank you to billbee, Sellerboard,, hellotax, Space Goats,, AMZ Pro, Asia Logistics, Investic, amaZervice and Storeund. 

Who wants to participate in the next Seller Barcamp - The next Seller Barcamp will take place on June 26 in Frankfurt. You can buy tickets for the event here back up 

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