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Andreea Octavia Stancu February 10, 2020 < 1 Minute
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This Saturday, 15.02.20, we are launching the next Seller Barcamp, powered by fulfin and Dragonflip, at WERK1. More than 120 active participants will gather at @Werk1 in Munich to exchange the latest hacks, tips and tricks of the e-commerce industry in a barcamp format from 9:30-17:00.

Our Seller Barcamps differ significantly from classic conferences, because: No speakers are booked, there are only active participants! Together, they develop a user-generated, individual program for the barcamp: lectures, discussions and workshops are developed and offered by the participants themselves. This way, we ensure that the agenda as well as the hacks and tips always correspond to the most current wishes and interests of our participants.

E-commerce experts such as David Hach, CEO of Liebfeld and Anton Hermann, Co-founder and CMO of will be among the speakers.

If you want to be there on Saturday, you should still get one of the last 20 tickets at Xing Events back up!

We are looking forward to a fantastic Seller Barcamp with great participants, great speakers as well as our partners who make the Seller Barcamp possible!

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