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Andreea Octavia Stancu April 15, 2020 3 Minutes
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Top reviews on Amazon not only increase the visibility of the product, but also the trustworthiness for other customers. Thus, it is especially important for sellers to get good reviews for their products. Below we have summarized 10 steps that help to achieve this goal. 

In doing so, the Amazon guidelines on reviews should be observed. Amazon takes compliance with these very seriously and review manipulation can lead to suspension from the platform in the worst case. For example, the exchange of discounts or free products in return for positive reviews is strictly prohibited and manipulative language must also be avoided in follow-up mails or package inserts. Sentences such as "If you think this product is worth a five-star rating, please leave us a review" or mentioning the support of a family business are thus prohibited. 

10 steps to top ratings

  1. Grandiose sales product 

It seems obvious, but a terrific selling product automatically generates top reviews. If customers are dissatisfied with the delivered goods, they are more likely to take the time to leave a negative review. Therefore, it is especially important in the initial phase to generate reviews from satisfied customers for its products. 

How you can easily find terrific sales products, you will learn here.  

2. provide excellent customer service 

Excellent customer service is essential to getting good reviews. By providing good customer service, sellers can often work around bad reviews, even if a customer is unhappy with an item or wants to return it. Additionally, those who have already communicated with the buyer are more likely to encourage them to leave positive reviews.

3. optimize the content of the product ads 

Increased visibility of the products increases the sales number of the product and hence the number of reviews. Thus, a good ranking result of the products is an important strategy for top ratings. 

Learn how you can increase the visibility of your products here

4. amazon early reviewer program 

The Early Reviewer Program is a platform within Amazon designed to encourage shoppers to submit reviews for new products. Once a user has made a purchase, Amazon sends them an offer in the form of an exchange. In exchange for a review, the user receives an Amazon gift card of a certain value. In order to sign up for the Amazon Early Reviewer Program in a binding manner, all that is required is to submit a product. However, it must be noted that the use of the Amazon Early-Reviewer Program is not available for free. Once the seller receives a review, they will be charged $60. 

5. Amazon Vine 

Launched earlier this year, the program works much like the Early Reviewer program. A seller submits 30 units of their inventory, Amazon vetted testers each receive one product for free, test it, and then write a review. Currently, Amazon Vine is free for third-party sellers. It can be surmised that Amazon will charge for the service after an initial trial period. 

6. discount codes for further purchases

Sellers can provide customers with discount codes for additional purchases to increase the opportunity for more reviews. Amazon flags product reviews that result from a purchase with a discount code as "unverified". In addition, there is a limit on unverified reviews. If this limit is exceeded, the product may be blocked from these types of reviews. 

7. package inserts in customer orders

Package inserts in the form of promotional materials can also be a good way to encourage customers to write a positive review. However, it should be noted that these inserts may neither directly pray for positive reviews nor offer anything in return. In addition, it must be noted that despite all efforts, the conversion rate of package inserts is extremely low. 

8. follow-up mail to customers 

Follow-up mails to customers can rely on Amazon's own automated system on the one hand. This automatically sent mail to customers should encourage them to leave a review. Furthermore, the "Request a Review" function can be used. This allows another automated follow-up email to be sent within 4 to 30 days of purchase. However, it can be very time-consuming in some circumstances, as the function has to be activated individually for each order. 

9. negative evaluations weaken

Bad reviews can be mitigated by leaving a comment on the review, allowing any customer service issues that may arise to be resolved directly. 

10. promote products on advertising spaces

Promoting products on Amazon ad spaces can also be an effective way to encourage buyers to leave positive reviews with sellers. With the cost-saving promotions, some buyers feel obligated to leave one. However, care must also be taken not to violate Amazon's policies and therefore not to offer buyers feedback in exchange for a product. 

Executive summary:

Getting top reviews on Amazon is not that easy, but if you follow the listed points, you can use the review feature to your own advantage. Reviews are not only an advantage for Amazon users but also give sellers the opportunity to improve sustainably and adapt their products to the wishes of the customer.

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