Financing of Goods

We ensure the liquidity of online companies with flexible financing of goods!

Financing of Goods

We ensure the liquidity of online companies with flexible financing of goods!

Liquidity per click.

Secure your short-term loan at top conditions.

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Your Questions & Our Answers

What exactly is commodity financing?

Financing of goods is granted in order to be able to pay for the purchase of goods. This includes, on the one hand, the purchase on target, i.e. the payment to the supplier is made at a later date. However, this is not always possible or the time span is too short, as the sale takes more time and the proceeds are not received in the bank account until later. Trade credit can therefore be issued by other companies to avoid payment bottlenecks.

What exactly does commodity financing with fulfin look like?

With its flexible financing solutions, fulfin offers the possibility to increase the working capital so that a permanent liquidity can be ensured. With sufficient capital, the purchase of goods can be made without worries and liquidity problems can be avoided. Thanks to an uncomplicated and fast application process and tailor-made offers at fulfin, you can concentrate on what is really important and accelerate your growth.

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