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The Amazon Buy Box is the pole position for successful sales on Amazon. Buy Box winners achieve up to 90 percent of total sales in the respective product environment. In order to use the Buy Box profitably for your business, you have to compete against other sellers and occupy the Buy Box yourself. Therefore, in this article we explain to you which measures you can take to optimize the Amazon performance of your products in order to qualify for the Amazon Buy Box. 

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

The Amazon Buy Box is the small yellow box at the top right of an item's product detail pages. It contains the "Add to Cart" button and places products prominently. If the same product is offered by different sellers on Amazon, only one seller wins the Buy Box and sells the corresponding product via the shopping cart field. All other sellers of the product matching the search query are listed below the Buy Box. Multiple entries are excluded.

Why is taking the Amazon Buy Box important for sellers?

As mentioned earlier, only one Seller wins the Buy Box. This is particularly important for the Seller for two reasons:

Increase in sales

As already mentioned at the beginning, Buy Box winners achieve up to 90 percent of total sales in the respective product environment. This is mainly due to the prominent placement of the box on the product detail page. Secondly, Buy Box wins are particularly important when shopping via smartphone. The 'Buy' button is located directly below the product image in the mobile view, giving Buy Box owners a distinct advantage over other product ads here as well. So for those who want to increase their sales, getting the sale option is recommended.

Playing out sponsored product ads

If a seller does not have the Buy Box, Sponsored Product Ads for the advertised product will not be played. The loss of the Buy Box is therefore also accompanied by the loss of valuable marketing channels. So before a seller allocates budget for sponsored product ads, the buy box should be taken first.

Tips to capture the Amazon Buy Box

In order to use the Amazon Buy Box profitably for his company, a seller must prevail against other providers. To do this, it is primarily a matter of convincing the Amazon algorithm that a seller provides the customer with the best buying experience. In the following, we have therefore compiled five tips on how to optimize the Amazon performance of your own products in order to qualify for pole position.

Increase Seller Performance

To decide which seller wins the Buy Box, the Amazon algorithm looks at seller performance, among other things. Decisive for an excellent performance are positive ratings and their number, factors such as the rate of on-time deliveries or incorrectly delivered goods as well as the communication with customers. These metrics help determine whether Amazon's algorithm ranks a seller as positive or negative. Even if a seller does not offer the lowest price in comparison with competing sellers, it can take the buy box by means of a very good performance.

Change shipping method to Amazon FBA

If you let Amazon handle the shipping directly (FBA - Fulfillment by Amazon), you increase your chances of being placed in the Buy Box. In order to ensure a positive buying experience for customers, Amazon handles the processing and shipping itself on a prioritized basis. If a seller wants to handle the shipping and all other processing themselves, they still have a chance of winning the Buy Box, but they will have to perform even better to convince Amazon of a smooth process.

Offer competitive price

Contrary to the assumption that the lowest price for the product automatically gets into the Buy Box, it is primarily not the net price but the total price (including shipping and VAT) that is decisive here. Furthermore, the price alone does not guarantee a placement in the Buy Boy. It is merely one factor among many. As long as the price is competitive, seller performance is the deciding factor in which seller wins the Buy Box. 

offer Amazon Prime

Amazon customers are most often interested in products that are available with Amazon Prime. With a Prime designation, sellers therefore have a significantly higher chance of being placed in the Buy Box. Those who use Amazon's FBA service automatically qualify for Amazon Prime. Whoever uses the Dispatch itself handles for whom the recourse to Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime is recommended. However, it should be noted that the registration for this involves a lengthy process. 

Monitor availability

As mentioned before, Amazon prefers those sellers for the buy box where it assumes the best possible user experience for customers. Therefore, a product should be available as soon as possible when a customer orders it. Only by means of an available product is it possible to compete for the Buy Box at all.  


An increase in the performance of one's own products is therefore crucial in order to be able to use the Amazon Buy Box profitably for one's company. The factors presented above suggest a strong influence on the placement within the shopping cart field, however, the Amazon algorithm includes several other influencing factors that it takes into account in its decision. Therefore, it is recommended to continuously improve the overall performance and keep an eye on the individual factors.

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