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fulfin - financing ecommerce January 17, 2020 2 Minutes
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After Amazon has been looking for jobs for credit analysts at its German site for several months now, it seems that what leading financial blogs have been predicting for a long time is coming to pass: The American online shipping giant wants - at least it seems - to fully enter the German banking market.

While Amazon Lending, a loan program for Amazon merchants to finance your goods, was launched in the USA and Japan back in 2012, the expansion into other countries announced at the time was initially rather slow. Thus, the Amazon credit in these countries is not free for everyone to apply, but an application is only possible by invitation. The e-commerce giant apparently first wants to test out the territory in which it now wants to move forward.

In doing so, Amazon Lending is basically just trying to jump on the strategy that has already been Paypals. The main advantage of Paypal is that it focuses on small to medium-sized merchants for whom other standard banking (credit card) instruments seem unsuitable. In contrast to the Paypal situation at the time, in which financial service providers did not adequately serve this gap, there are already solutions in classic merchant lending in Germany.

Fulfillment loan from fulfin already offers Amazon financing

You see, while Amazon is still recruiting. fulfin already solutions to the financing problem of Amazon merchants, on which Banks often fail. The reason for this is that the classic corporate customer advisor is often not familiar enough with the complex challenges of an Amazon retailer. Moreover, the volumes are often too small for banks or the business history (BWA) is too short.

fulfin recognized this gap and has been working with e-commerce and financial experts to close it ever since: Our fulfillment loan is designed specifically for Amazon merchants and therefore largely eliminates bureaucratic processes and long-standing business histories. It offers flexible terms that are customized for each project, Financing options as well as low interest rates with repayment dependent on sales success.

Amazon financing in Germany already occupied

While Amazon Lending was initially the only player in the field in the US and Japan - and its success was therefore also predictable due to the lack of alternatives - Amazon is a competitor in the field of Amazon financing in Germany. While this won't absolve the online shipping giant of its Expansion plans hold off, but German traders should be aware that there is an alternative to Amazon's high interest rates, rigid repayment schedule and automatic collection of the repayment.

Are you interested in Amazon financing through fulfin for your project? Then find out here more.

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