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peer May 18, 2021 < 1 Minute
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Growth through working capital - for whom does it make sense?

Interview topic: Working capital

Our partner econda has conducted an insightful interview about working capital in collaboration with fulfin. The interview is about what Working capital is at all, for whom it comes into question and where it should be used.

fulfin plays a key role here, since our goal is to provide expanding online retailers with tailored and individual working capital loans. With the help of our completely digital and paperless process, we have redefined the provision of liquidity and helped e-commerce companies finance their growth.

What makes the partnership between econda and fulfin so special?

Both econda and fulfin act together as problem solvers by ensuring that our products provide the customer with an ideal shopping experience at the end of the day. On the one hand, this enables providers to run their business more successfully, since they get access to Working capital which they can have at their disposal within the shortest possible time. At the same time, econda customers and shop operators also benefit from our services.

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