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peer May 5, 2022 2 Minutes
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They are highly sought after by aggregators: successful brands in e-commerce, especially FBA sellers. At the Seller Barcamp Nathan talked about this topic and the only 25-year-old Felix Mik (Schwarzwald Spirit & Listing-Guard) gives insights and shares experiences about his way from the foundation to the sale of his company.  

Investing in advance pays off: corporation and trademark search!

Nathan:  What are the things you might need to take care of right from the early stages, before you even start a business, to ensure that an exit can be successful but also smooth? 

Felix: As a classic FBA seller, like me, you don't have a lot of financial resources, especially at the beginning, and maybe you only have a few euros set aside. You don't have VC capital, and you first have to see where you are. But the bottom line is that you want to buy products, for example in China, and for that you primarily need the money you have saved. But nevertheless, there are things that can be done in advance and for which it is worth investing money so that an exit will be easier in the foreseeable future.

An important point the corporation. If you do not yet have the necessary share capital for a GmbH, you can also set up a UG. It is important to have a capital company, in whatever form, in order to perhaps set up a holding structure above it in the course of time. This means that if you sell your business at some point and make a share deal, for example, the tax side is much more interesting, because you save yourself a lot of money.

Another big topic is also the legal side. I am thinking explicitly of a trademark search. Sure, you can do a search yourself. However, a proper trademark search by a lawyer can take away a headache for a seller in an exit if you are well positioned here. So if you have a lawyer confirm that the trademark you want to register will go through and will also go through in a lawsuit - should there be one - you are on the safe side. Exits also involve very large sums of money and the buyers invest a lot of money in the brands. Therefore, it is only logical that the other side has the brands examined in detail by lawyers. Of course, it is difficult for a trademark search by a lawyer, especially at the beginning, when you do not have much money to spend the 3,000 euros. In the end, however, it will be worth it and I can only advise everyone to "do it! 

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