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Andreea Octavia Stancu October 20, 2020 4 Minutes
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You started in 2018 as a seller, selling products on Amazon to document your journey on your blog What made you start the blog back then? Tell us a bit about your vision. 

When I started with Amazon back then, I was increasingly looking for information. Of course, there are all kinds of "gurus" who want to sell their courses. But what I was really missing were authentic stories from founders and sellers. So I just documented myself what successes and failures I've experienced with Amazon are. I simply try to give all new sellers a realistic view of the whole topic of "Amazon seller" without demotivating them in the process.

Anyone who wants to sell products on Amazon is often confronted with a multitude of instructions, tips and tricks. What should you pay attention to, which tools should you use and which mistakes should you avoid at all costs?

This is a very good question - I could talk a lot about this now but I'll try to keep it short. For me there are 3-4 tools that are essential for survival:

1) The whole topic of accounting should be outsourced to a tool in order to have to deal with the topic as little as possible.

2) The topic "launch" - There are 1-2 tools that should definitely be used for this purpose.

3) Meanwhile, we also use a tool to manage PPC so we don't have to deal with the overhead.

The biggest mistakes I've made myself are as follows:

1) Too little margin: This is really crucial - if your margin is calculated so tightly that you have no leeway - you can't react to price changes from competitors. Therefore: Plan your margin generously.

2) Calculate all costs: When you are starting out, you probably don't know all the costs yet. This knowledge should be acquired very quickly, otherwise there will be unpleasant surprises.

3) Out-of-Stock: Always annoying and costs real ranking power - Therefore do everything not to go out-of-stock.

This is only an excerpt - I have made more mistakes myself: You can read all about it at

You have been selling products on Amazon for two years now. What are your key learnings that you have been able to collect in the last time? Looking back, what do you wish you had known when you started?

I would have liked to know that nothing about Amazon is passive and that you have to take care of your products every day. I was a bit too euphoric myself and hoped to be able to build up another mainstay within a short time (with the greatest possible passivity) - Unfortunately, this is not possible. 

From the product idea to the sourcing to the stock transport - until a product is finally online on Amazon and is for sale, it is a very long and labor-intensive path, which often includes challenges that seem insurmountable. Have you ever wanted to give up the Amazon FBA business and what advice would you give to sellers who find themselves at this point?

I even had to give up an AMZ business once because of acute lack of success: There, several factors came together, such as bad products and time problems. But that didn't stop me from building a second business with another partner, because I still believe in the concept and would like to correct the mistakes I made in the beginning.

I would advise any seller not to give up and learn from their mistakes.

From experience, an out-of-stock event is one of the main factors for lower ranking on Amazon? What are your best strategies to avoid this in advance, to best prepare for an approaching event and to improve the ranking again after a restock? 

We now have an external warehouse from which we can send very flexible products to the AMZ warehouse. Of course, this also costs something but is worth 100%. With this warehouse we serve not only Amazon but also the wholesale. Since an external warehouse is usually cheaper than the Amazon warehouse, we have large quantities stored there and can thus serve Amazon at any event.

Besides a suitable description for the product, appealing product photos are one of the key factors to convince a potential customer of a purchase decision. Besides product photography for your own products, you also offer a photo service for other sellers. What are your most important learnings and strategies that you use to create good product photos?

Product photos are one of the most important factors to be really successful. We used to take the photos ourselves: that was a big mistake. Since I do not deal with the topic of photos myself every day, the photos can of course not be created in the quality of a professional photographer. However, I don't have any real "strategies" - for me, the photo has to be "coherent" and that especially in the overall view. When the customer swipes through the pictures, he must have the feeling that a story is being told here. I try to process a lot of important information already in the pictures, so that the customer also sees that at a glance when looking at it for the first time.

By chance I met an extremely good product photographer abroad, who reads my every wish from my lips or eyes. I would like to share this and help other sellers to success. I offer photos in (almost) every setting (e.g. beach, fields etc.). Through this variety we can guarantee that the product is always shown in the "best light". In addition, we are much cheaper than comparable photographers in Germany. So if you are interested, please contact us ?

We would like to thank Showit for the interesting conversation.

Haven't had enough and want more reading material? Showit has on his blog published a casestudy together with us and shows "Why funding may be necessary".

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