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Andreea Octavia Stancu September 19, 2019 2 Minutes
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fulfin closes 7-figure seed funding round to redefine merchandise financing for eCommerce retailers

[Munich 19 September 2019] 18 months after its founding and one year after the launch of the innovative fulfillment loan, fulfin has been able to attract the support of high-profile institutional investors with extensive experience in fintech and logistics. Hevella Capital and Lakeside invest a 7-digit amount from equity and debt.

fulfin focuses on merchandise purchase financing for young online companies and plays an important role in improving the liquidity supply for eCommerce companies. fulfin's innovative product is aimed at fast-growing Amazon merchants with lean business models. These entrepreneurs are currently insufficiently served by banks and alternative lenders.

"We want to support eCommerce entrepreneurs and help them grow as the forces in retail shift." says fulfin founder and co-CEO Nathan Evans.
"With our seed round, we will further develop our risk management and logistics integration. This will enable us to meet the strong growth in demand."

Great potential for loans to companies with digital business models

"Our ability to assess, monitor and control a vendor's inventory throughout the supply chain allows us to profitably serve customers who previously did not have access to credit," said founder and co-CEO Dr. Alfred Gruber.

fulfin's digital platform suggests to the merchant the optimal combination of forwarding service and trade credit to grow most profitably.

Experienced investors join fulfin and finance expansion

Hevella Capital has been a highly regarded German fintech investor for many years. Its portfolio includes Creditshelf, Cashpresso and several other companies from the fintech and insurtech segment.

Lakeside Invest & Consult invests in innovative and high-growth young companies. The founder and managing director of Lakeside, Dr. Hauke Hansen, who was responsible for Amazon's supply chain and logistics in Europe until the end of 2018, is convinced of the fulfin business idea: "Many, especially smaller and medium-sized Amazon sellers cannot grow as fast as they want because they have to pay for their goods more than three months in advance. fulfin helps with merchandise pre-financing and integrates this offering with a digitized inventory solution - a smart financing and supply chain solution with full cost and inventory visibility, tailored to sellers' needs."

For further information please contact
Nathan Evans
Founder & Co-CEO
isarlend GmbH
+49 89 215375920

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