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Jana Pfeiffer October 21, 2020 2 Minutes
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With our series fulfinians in focus we want to give a more personal look behind the scenes of fulfin and introduce the people who make this start-up what it is. 
We continue with Junior Product Manager Caspar:

Caspar at fulfin

What is your role and what are your responsibilities at fulfin?

My main role is to put a smile on everyone's face and my secondary role is Junior Product Manager. This includes developing both customer-facing and internal features. It is important to me to simplify the work processes. After all, who doesn't want a world where everything is so perfectly optimized that you can spend more time with the people and things you love most? 

What makes fulfin unique?

The people. Regardless of background, culture or religion, we come together every day with the same goal: to ensure the success of e-commerce sellers. We face challenges every day and have the opportunity to shape the future of the fintech industry. 

What motto/advice do you try to follow in your work at fulfin?

Nothing is set in stone. I always work and think very flexibly. That's important and necessary in a startup, because what's a topic today may already be obsolete tomorrow. And what some consider too innovative or even impossible, we put into practice. Ultimately, successful companies are always innovators. 

Caspar private

Describe yourself with three hashtags

#workaholic #300%motivated #always at it

What and who motivates you?

My personal development, previously unknown to me knowledge and the challenges that I still want to face. In addition, my mom, (Yes I know, you do not know her) who is just great and my personal role model. (And let's be honest, who doesn't love and admire their mum?)
When it comes to business, Jack Ma is very impressive in terms of tenacity, persistence, perseverance and humility. 

Where can people find you when you're not in the fulfin office?

Either on the way in the university, with my friends or simply at home at the PC play (But ALWAYS online - #Worldcitizen).

If you could go to dinner with one person in contemporary history, living or dead, which one would it be?

Alejandro Magno. 

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