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Jana Pfeiffer December 8, 2020 < 1 Minute
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With our series fulfinians in focus we want to give you a more personal look behind the scenes of fulfin and introduce the people who make this startup what it is. Let's continue with Co-Founder Fredi:

Fredi at fulfin

What is your role and what are your responsibilities at fulfin?

I co-founded fulfin with Nathan in early 2018. From an idea and the desire to improve something, the business model was born. Since then, we have been continuously improving our range of services for our customers. This can only be achieved together as a team and only if everyone understands exactly what is necessary.

What makes fulfin unique?

As with most startups, it's the interplay of various factors. It's great to see how the processes continue to improve and how we can fulfill our promises to customers, investors and employees more and more reliably.

What motto/advice do you try to follow in your work at Fulfin?

"It's all about attitude"

Fredi private

Describe yourself with three hashtags

 1TP3Curious 1TP3Reliable 1TP3Committed

What and who motivates you?

My curiosity and creativity drive me to further shape our customer offering. It is great fun to see how different ideas are put into practice and thereby improve our customer offer.

Where can people find you when you're not in the fulfin office?

I like to spend my free time outdoors near the water, for example at the Attersee in Upper Austria. Here you can take time out from the often stressful workday and really come down and recharge your batteries.

If you could go to dinner with one person in contemporary history, living or dead, which one would it be? 

Albert Einstein.

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