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Jana Pfeiffer September 23, 2020 2 Minutes
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With our series fulfinians in focus we want to give you a more personal look behind the scenes of fulfin and introduce the people who make this startup what it is. Let's continue with Junior Marketing Manager Jana:

Jana at fulfin

What is your role and what are your responsibilities at fulfin?

Together with Andreea and Faran, I take care of the marketing at fulfin. From creating content for social media or our blog, to SEO and keyword research, to translations or website optimization - it all lands on my desk.

What makes fulfin unique?

Clearly the team! Because every company is only as good as its employees. Even in my short time at fulfin, I have seen time and again how committed and eager to learn everyone is working towards a common goal. Cohesion and teamwork are very important here, and especially in start-up structures this is indispensable. 

What motto do you try to follow in your work at Fulfin?

"Don't drive yourself crazy". With all the stress - whether it's at work, at university or in everyday life - you often forget what's important and worry far too much. If you always give 100 percent (and on bad days even 90 percent is enough), then you can be sure that sooner or later everything will fall into place.
Also #dontpanic and #stayfocused

Jana private

Describe yourself with three hashtags

1TP3Organised 1TP3Driven 1TP3Highly ambitious 

What and who motivates you?

In fact, my studies and the thought of what I can do afterwards professionally. The world is open to you and I hope that I will always have a job that I enjoy in the future. I want to gain as many experiences as possible and always have a good work-life balance in my life.

Where can people find you when you're not in the fulfin office?

Either while working out at the gym or with my friends at the Italian, Asian or burger place. And in the evening of course while netflixing in my bed. 

If you could go to dinner with one person in contemporary history, living or dead, which one would it be? 

Hard to say. I think it would be Mark Zuckerberg, because I am very interested in how you can build such a successful business with good ideas and discipline. Social media and the possibilities that digital change brings with it will occupy us more and more and especially for me in the field of marketing this is a very exciting topic. 

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