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Jana Pfeiffer November 4, 2020 < 1 Minute
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With our series fulfinians in focus we want to give you a more personal look behind the scenes of fulfin and introduce the people who make this startup what it is. Let's continue with Senior Credit Analyst Stella:

Stella at fulfin

What is your role and what are your responsibilities at fulfin?

I am a Senior Credit Analyst and my main task is to analyze the solvency of our clients and determine the appropriate loan amount. 

What makes fulfin unique?

We are fully focused on the e-commerce business, which is definitely the future in sales. Especially in the current situation, you can see how important and popular online shopping is and that's where we come in. We also use the latest data to check the creditworthiness of our customers, making the process as simple and fast as possible.

What motto/advice do you try to follow in your work at Fulfin?

I always try to address everything openly and share my ideas and suggestions directly in the team. This is the only way to work together successfully and really achieve something.

Stella private

Describe yourself with three hashtags

#Curious #Responsible #Thoughtful

What and who motivates you?

I always want to develop myself further and learn new things in order to become better at my work.

Where can people find you when you're not in the fulfin office?

I love to be out and about in the city and explore new beautiful places. No matter if in a cafe, at the Isar or in the park - in nice weather and with great people you can discover the city best.

If you could go to dinner with one person in contemporary history, living or dead, which one would it be? 

Jack Ma, as he has really achieved very impressive things. I am sure he would have a lot of interesting things to say and I could learn a lot from him. 

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