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fulfin - financing ecommerce January 17, 2020 2 Minutes
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Successful selling on Amazon is no coincidence, but depends on a good strategy. It is therefore not surprising that many successful Amazon sellers tend to keep a low profile when it comes to their success strategy. After all, they don't want other sellers with similar products to outrank them. Since it is enormously helpful for Amazon merchants to see how other merchants work, we will show you today how you can achieve an increase in sales on Amazon.

How to do it right is shown by kavaj GmbH. Jörg Kundrath and Kai Klement, two former Amzon employees, started selling mobile phone/tablet cases via Amazon in 2011. And with effective Amazon SEO, made more than 3.6 million euros in sales in 3 years. The focus was to always get the best ranking on Amazon. Coupled with a smart marketing strategy, their own affiliate website and good facebook marketing, they have achieved their dream of successful online business.

Do you also want to accomplish a better ranking on Amazon? Then do it like Jörg and Kai and work on the following factors:

Increased sales through targeted brand building

The most successful merchants on Amazon do not sell under a third-party label, but under their own. This offers versatile marketing advantages (e.g. in social media) as well as often higher margins and a reduction of the BuyBox problem.

Increase sales through extensive keyword optimization on Amazon

Kavaj has perfected the keyword optimization on Amazon: Not only direct keywords are taken into account but also semantic search queries. So everyone who googles iPad or Iphone will also find the matching cover.

Increase sales through professional product images

There was quite a bit of effort put into this: While most shy away from costs here, kavaj has professional, cropped images on Amazon that show not only product, but also its purpose. This is advantageous because the customer sees what he buys and is also emotionally convinced by the appealing imagery.

Increase sales through your own affiliate website

And another clever marketing strategy: kavaj has built its own affiliate website by rewriting the Amazon content and using the tracking link to get the affiliate commissions on Amazon. This action is doubly beneficial, as it increases both the sales rank and the turnover.

You want to implement this strategy and now you need more products to avoid going out of stock? fulfin finances your products!

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