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Nino Tovarlaza March 23, 2021 3 Minutes
Categories: Ecommerce
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You founded Trendle together with David Holding. What motivated you to found this company back then? Tell us something about your vision.

We were moved by the idea of starting and running our own business, in order to be more successful than we could have been in a company. At the time we were still students and found the process of manufacturing, importing and selling goods online very exciting. We discovered the opportunity to take advantage of this in 2010, when Amazon was just launching the FBA program.

Amazon is often portrayed by some experts as a great way to get rich easily and quickly. How do you rate this statement?

To this I can only say: You should not listen to people who promise "passive income" and great success. These people often lie or at least don't tell the whole truth. All such people want is to make money by selling training courses to unsuspecting people. That is why such sales pitches are usually about how many sales are made and not about how much profit is made. My tip is to always remember that you are starting a business, not a charity; so you need to focus on basic business concepts. 

Running an Amazon business is basically like running any other business. It requires a lot of hard work over a very long period of time if you really want to build something. Passive income is almost a pipe dream in my opinion because of this. In my opinion, you should always remember that "if something seems too good to be true, it probably isn't". That doesn't mean you can't achieve the goals you set - but you should know that to do so, you'll have to work a lot harder than you currently do in your corporate job, and also spend a lot more time in the office than you realize. So before you reach a stage where you can even consider passive income, you'll need to invest a lot of time and energy.

Once the products are for sale on Amazon, further measures can be taken to further increase sales: Listings can be created to increase the conversion rate or targeted marketing can be used by means of positive reviews. 

What can a but seller do once the products are on Amazon to increase sales?

The most effective way to increase sales is to make your product offering stronger and, most importantly, as perfect as possible to stay ahead of the competition and provide a true benefit, to the customer. Only then can several types of Amazon marketing activities be carried out, such as:

  • The "Early Reviewer" program and the "Vine" program, which will help get the first sales and, more importantly, the first reviews.
  • Running price promotions for a short period of time to attract new customers.
  • Show Amazon that customers love the product by running PPC campaigns. In return, Amazon will improve the positioning in the search results and rank you higher.

The goal should be to stimulate Amazon by showing the online retailer that the platform can trust you with its customers, as they are made very happy, simply put. In this way, you get, from Amazon, also entrusted with more customers in the future. From this point, you can then continue to build and constantly improve every process that is carried out.

Amazon offers sellers a variety of advertising options that help products rank as high as possible in search results. What process would you recommend to sellers regarding Amazon PPC campaigns? 

First of all, sellers should remember that Amazon makes a lot of money from PPC. Therefore, sellers should be careful not to use the strategies recommended by Amazon without first properly understanding all the details of the available advertising. 

For this, I would recommend doing keyword research first by using Trendle's "Reverse ASIN" feature for example, thereby filtering out hundreds of keywords that can be used for the PPC campaigns.

Also, make sure you know your return on investment and set a strategy for your campaigns that allows for clear goals to be set and then measured. 

One should always start small and then slowly increase while learning new things at the same time. At this point, it should also be remembered that if there is a sudden increase in sales - through PPC - you need to be able to scale up again quickly. However, one should not be afraid to try different things and strategies for this reason. Amazon is mostly about small but steady changes. Here, it's a matter of finding out what works best and rarely about really big changes or strategy shifts. 

Keyword research, geo-targeting and other factors that need to be considered in PPC campaigns - these and other processes can be automated. How can Trendle help sellers increase sales?

Trendle's PPC automation solution helps sellers manage their campaigns very efficiently: New keywords are discovered and automatically integrated into manual campaigns. In addition, Trendle can manage bids to ensure that profitability targets are met, while lowering bids for poor performing keywords or even classifying them as negative keywords. All of this is done automatically and around the clock. As a seller, this allows you to focus on other aspects of your daily business.

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