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We are all confronted with a wide variety of products and product ideas every day. However, not all of them are suitable for sale on Amazon. Since the right product selection is the first important step towards a successful FBA business, more effort than a quick Google search should be put into this. Furthermore, aspects such as photographability, marketing costs, competitor products, seasonality and many other things should be considered right at the beginning of the research. As a result these do not only come to light after the products have been purchased and unnecessarily complicate the sale. We have summarized the best methods for product research for Amazon Your Business here:

Product research for Amazon merchants via the product curator

If you don't want to put in the effort yourself to find products that work well in sales, this can be done by others. For example, there are many different websites, blogs or magazines that curate (trendy) products that work well. By comparing these with the Amazon product selection, it can be determined which product is not yet (sufficiently) offered on Amazon.

Product research for Amazon merchants via the review method

In addition, the reviews posted on Amazon can be very informative. Often customers criticize the same thing about a product again and again. If a product can be found that does not have this defect, a successful niche can be created for it.

Product research for Amazon merchants via the accessories method

Often the concentration is too much on the main product and it is forgotten that supplementary products or accessories can also be a useful Amazon products. For this purpose, you should search for well-running products on Amazon, to then determine whether there are sufficient supplementary products or accessories for this.

Product research for Amazon merchants via the brainstorming method

This is perhaps the most banal, but often very effective method. For this, simply 20-30 minutes of time should be invested and list things for which one is just interested / enthusiastic. With the AMZ Seller Browser, the search can then start on Amazon for these products. For this purpose the Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) can be viewed (chronologically ordered). With this tool you can estimate sales well and choose a product that is already on the market, but not yet sufficiently well optimized on Amazon.

Product research for Amazon merchants about Jungle Scout

Product research via Jungle Scout or similar platforms are the classic: Jungle Scout shows you the necessary key figures for the products displayed in the respective browser view. Via "Related products", you can then click through further and further until you reach a viable product idea. Marketplace Analytics or ASINspector work similarly.

It follows: Testing.

Once you've found a product that you think will sell well using these methods, you're almost there. Now it's time for the testing. Go through the following checklist and make sure you don't answer any of these questions with "no". If you answer one or more questions with "no", it might not be the right product yet. If you answer "YES" to all questions, your research has produced a viable product.  

1) The sale of the product leads to disproportionate costs. YES/NO

2) It is a trend product whose peek has already been reached (competition is too high). YES/NO

3) It is a seasonal product. YES/NO

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