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1. marketplace or own website

If you want to sell products online, the first question is whether you want to sell them via your own website or via a marketplace. The biggest advantage of a marketplace is that it already has an outstanding reach and (if the product is placed correctly and equipped with the necessary advertising budget) takes over the marketing. Moreover, marketplaces impress with sophisticated analysis tools with the help of which the user behaviour can be optimally tracked and the sales strategy can be adapted. The high fees often listed as a disadvantage can usually be made up for with the higher number of sales (thanks to greater reach). What clearly causes difficulties, however, is that in comparison to an own website not only classic marketing strategies have to be considered, but in order to be optimally listed the respective search engines and SEO criteria have to be understood. Anyone who decides to use a marketplace must therefore be thoroughly familiar with its Listing criteria in order not to end up on page 27 of the search. However, if you have familiarized yourself with the subject matter through workshops, facebook groups, ebooks and trial-and-error, a large marketplace is certainly the better sales medium due to its reach and the tools provided. An own website can (and should) be run additionally for affiliate reasons.

2. the marketplace offer

Amazon, EBay,, Home24, Real - there are many marketplaces. Which sales platform is best suited for selling one's own products must therefore be weighed up conscientiously.

a. Marketplace: Amazon

Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world and serves more than 85 million customers daily. Due to the sheer mass of visitors who visit daily, it is very easy for you as a shop operator to present the products to a paying audience. Moreover, Amazon offers an excellent infrastructure and a very simple order processing. The only disadvantage is the relatively high marketplace fees, which depend on the category. In addition, you have to have relatively extensive knowledge to navigate the search mechanism and the BuyBox of Amazon so that your own products are always listed at the top.

b. Marketplace: Alibaba

Alibaba is the Chinese equivalent of Amazon and is often even referred to as the "Chinese Amazon". Alibaba is made up of 12 different companies and offers many services that Amazon also offers. However, the difference is that Alibaba is focused on B2B, while Amazon is focused on B2C. Therefore, the comparison of Amazon and Alibaba that is so often made is not entirely correct. For German retailers, Alibaba is less important as a sales platform, but rather as a sourcing platform.

c. Marketplace: Ebay

Ebay, unlike Amazon, is an auction platform. It contains an intuitive interface and is also relatively easy to use. The biggest advantage of eBay is probably that you can easily serve customers around the world. The platform offers the possibility to test different markets and to address customers from other countries. Thus, customers outside of Europe and North America can also be reached. The disadvantage here is also the fees, which depend on the product and sales method. In addition, the Ebay guidelines are also disadvantageous for sellers, as these (compared to other platforms) give more preference to the buyer side.

d. Marketplace: Etsy

Etsy is an American sales platform that specializes in the creative niche. If you want to sell a design product here, Etsy is not a bad choice from the basic idea. However, if you want to serve mainly the German market, a little caution is advised. Since many dealers do not deliver to Germany or only if nevertheless only with high customs / shipping fees Etsy is often said not to be able to keep up with the other marketplaces. Therefore, the number of German visitors to Etsy is currently still significantly behind the other marketplaces.

e. Other marketplaces

There are many more marketplaces accessible in Germany. And each of these marketplaces certainly has its advantages. However, due to the high level of awareness, the high reach and the associated sales figures, Amazon should be chosen as the leading platform in case of doubt.

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