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For Amazon sellers, it is essential to know what makes their customers tick. In order to provide more information about exactly this Julia Rohr from Valuezon at the last Seller Barcamp the session Amazon through the eyes of the consumer held. Learn more about the Gaze progression of Amazon customers and which role different factors influence the behavior.

We briefly introduce the key learnings or watch the full video recording below. 

Study: eye tracking as an important indicator of where consumers' attention is when shopping on Amazon

This study is particularly relevant and interesting because it is difficult, especially on Amazon, to address customers multisensory and thus arouse as much interest as possible. Sellers only have a limited range of options and these should be effectively exploited.

Implementation of the study 

The subjects' task was to choose a water bottle on the Amazon website. In addition, the same was carried out again using a Bluetooth speaker to create a low-involvement product (drinking bottle), a rather high-involvement product. The respective search results of the products are structured differently, which influences the search and viewing behavior.


  • In the heat map view for the water bottles it became apparent that at Tile view on the Amazon website, products that were further down received more attention than those that were placed more at the bottom in the list view.
  • More specifically, we looked at areas that offered consumers information, such as. Color variations or logos. What was interesting here was that logos from unknown manufacturers attracted just as much attention as those from well-known ones.
  • Additionally it is helpful all product elements with on the main image of the product, as this also generates attention.
  • In addition, consumers were more likely to stick with a product when emotional triggerssuch as splashing water were used. However, this factor had no influence on the subsequent purchase decision.
  • With the Title of the respective products, it was found that these were indeed viewed, but rather less intensively. Consumers read every title, but do not focus on it. For this reason, relevant keywords should always be included in the product title.
  • With regard to previous knowledge, especially related to the F-shaped distribution, it was found that such a pattern can also be found on Amazon. In addition, the products in the range of the bestseller also received more attention.  
  • In addition, another interesting finding was that the possibility to Personalization of the product had a positive effect on the interest of consumers. Stand on the product Your name this was considered more intensively. 
  • Paid placements at the top of the search results pages, on the other hand, got not so much attentionsuch as not quite public paid placements in the upper range of the lists. 
  • Another important factor in the consideration are the Reviews. This the consumer looks at and reads every time. 
  • Most recently, delivery promises, such as Prime shipping also plays a role. If a retailer offers this, the customer is more likely to linger on the product. 

Executive summary 

The main fixation was always on product images. Julia once again emphasized how relevant product images are. Amazon sellers should therefore spend a lot of time optimizing them. The second highest share of fixation time was for the title of the products. Sellers should thus always remember to include all relevant keywords. In addition, reviews are an important factor for consumers. It is advisable for sellers to always work on their customer service and to include suggestions for improvement from their customers when optimizing products. To really reach all potential customers, merchants should always use all content fields that are available.

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