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fulfin - financing ecommerce July 29, 2022 < 1 Minute
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If you want to run a really successful store, you get to Amazon Ads not past. No matter if you are still at the beginning of your e-commerce business or if you are already an experienced seller: An maintained Amazon Ads account is always a winning factor - it hardly works without it. Budget checks, clear and comprehensible campaign structures, bid adjustments... there are numerous factors that have a decisive influence on the success of your business on Amazon!

In the second session of the Seller Barcamp in Munich, Mareike von @ADFERENCE you, which ten points you should pay attention to when optimizing your Amazon Ads account in order to increase your sales.
For example, have you activated all campaign types? Are all campaigns really active? Do you know about the fallback auto-campaign? Have you also made bid adjustments for the placements?

In this recorded session you will get valuable and directly applicable expert tipswhich will help you to optimize your Amazon Ads account in the long term.
Increase your traffic, sales and the overall performance of your ads on Amazon!
Find out all the details about the crucial levers in your advertising account, which you may not have considered optimizing yet.
In this free session you will get within 30 minutes an all-embracing insight into the topic of Amazon Ads advertising account granted.

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