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peer May 25, 2021 3 Minutes
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The Availability of the desired products is for customers an important factor of a satisfied customer journey. If the goods are not immediately available, online retailers lose potential buyers to competitors and jeopardize the success of their business in the long run. Felix Bauer, Managing Director of Snocks, stresses how important the Availability of goods and conversion rate for online retailers is, because without product availability, this decreases; only liquidity helps to ensure this.  

Unfortunately Liquidity bottlenecks The lack of supply on the part of traders is in fact the most frequent cause of insufficient coverage of demand for goods. With the help of a Interim financing fulfin supports traders to finance goods so that they can provide all products to their customers at any time. Snocks always had very high liquidity outflows after CNY, but fulfin was able to help them have enough liquidity available even during this time. 

Particularly interesting is the offer of fulfin for fast growing retailerswho need timely and uncomplicated financing, e.g. for their goods. Most of the time, the traditional way via the bank is connected with insurmountable obstacles, so that more innovative financing options are in demand. Fulfin offers clear advantages over banksbecause, on the one hand, the company is familiar with the business processes of online trading and, on the other hand, does not have to follow the rigid rules of a traditional bank. This was one reason why Snocks chose fulfin; because the company preferred a simple process as well as little bureaucracy and recognized the advantages of a fast processing with little effort. Not only did Snocks benefit from fulfin, but their customers were also able to experience the positive effects, as they have a wider selection of products to choose from and no long waiting times for goods to be redelivered.

Especially young merchants and rapidly expanding companies often fall out of the classic assessment scheme of the banks. Fulfin starts at this point and helps these merchants grow by providing financing. Unlike with banks, the Credit check transactional; Sales and cash flow are more decisive for the valuation than the submission of the last two financial statements. Furthermore, the application process is straightforward and can be completed in just a few minutes. Fulfin processes the Request and disburses the requested loan to merchants in a timely manner, often on the same day.

A further important component of a successful customer journey is the Delivery process.After all, customers not only want to order the goods in stock, they also want to receive them without any problems. In addition to the constant availability of the goods, a smooth shipping process plays a significant role in customer satisfaction. 

The buyer must 

  • be informed about the status of the order and the Shipment history be
  • be able to Track the parcel can,
  • receive his goods undamaged and smoothly 
  • be able return the items without complications can perform, 
  • be able the Order quickly

In this context, the automated generation and printing of shipping labels, automatic tracking of shipments across parcel services, and a smart returns solution are important for online retailers and their buyers. shipcloud optimizes shipping processes, enables the integration of multiple relevant shipping service providers through a uniform interface and thus reduces a high maintenance effort. Thanks to the RESTful API and more than 50 integrations into the shop, ERP and WaWi systems, online merchants can easily integrate shipcloud's service into their shipping process. 

In order to be able to use and manage the uncomplicated parcel label creation of several shipping service providers at the same time, Snocks opted for the uncomplicated and cloud-based solution of shipcloud. Felix Bauer is enthusiastic about the good service of the company, the smooth connection of different carriers (DHL, DHL Express, Warenpost 2.0) and a quick start. Through shipcloud, the shipping speed could be optimized and thus the customer satisfaction increased.

The optimization of the shipping process naturally also includes shipment tracking. Instead of sending customers the shipment information from the respective shipping service provider, such as DHL or UPS, merchants can also provide this information directly to their customers via shipcloud. 

Returns handling can also be carried out via shipcloud. As part of the returns management, it is possible to enclose return labels with the package or to create your own returns portal for your own customers. 


To provide shoppers with a pleasant and satisfying customer journey, both the availability of the desired products and a smooth shipping process must be guaranteed. However, if a product is not available, the competition is always just a click away. Liquidity bottlenecks are usually the cause of insufficient stock coverage. Thanks to fast and uncomplicated financing, Fulfin can solve this problem for you. In addition, shipcloud optimizes your shipping processes to perfect your customers' buying experience. Make your customers happy and use the modern possibilities of fulfin and shipcloud!

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