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peer November 24, 2021 4 Minutes
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An important factor for the success of a seller on Amazon are the tools that are used. Because if an entrepreneur doesn't know his key figures and doesn't always have them in view, success usually fails to materialize. Nevertheless, many do without a powerful tool and thus it becomes even harder to keep up with the competition. This article is designed to help Amazon sellers find the right tool to boost the success of their online business. We'll also show you which features stand out in each tool.

Amazon Seller Tools for product research and scouting 


Helium10 is probably one of the most popular seller tools right now and with good reason! This tool is considered an all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers. Among many other features, it makes it super easy for merchants to do their product research for Amazon FBA products. It's also great for keyword research and optimizing your Amazon listing. 

Cost: Helium 10 offers a free version and a free trial. The paid version of Helium 10 is available from 39.00 $/month.

Jungle Scout

Among other helpful features, Jungle Scout has developed an analysis tool with which products on Amazon can be closely examined. This can be recommended especially for professional traders. This tool offers sellers through the algorithm developed by Jungle Scout the possibility to get a lot of information about certain products or niches. For example, Jungle Scout offers the Product Tracker or the Rank Tracker for keywords. In addition, the keyword trends show an increased demand of certain products at an early stage. This way, you can always keep an overview of whether it is time to increase the production quantity due to increased demand. 

Cost: Jungle Scout offers its users the possibility to use the tool for seven days and get their money back within this time for the concluded subscription. There are also three different subscriptions with different features. 

Amazon Seller Tools for product launch and listing optimization 

viral launch

Viral Launch offers its users a wide range of tools. Particularly interesting here are the options that are offered to you for the launch of a new product or to optimize your listing. For an upcoming product launch, this tool shows you several marketplaces via a launch service. In addition, the Market Intelligence Tool gives your product ideas star ratings, which allows you to see which new launches would be worthwhile and which would be less so. 

Cost: Viral Launch offers sellers four different options in different price ranges. 


Customer reviews, especially very positive ones, are essential for a good listing on Amazon. With FeedbackWhiz, Amazon sellers can analyze and track their reviews. But this is not the only thing this tool offers you, you can also create individual and automated email campaigns with it. Through this feature, you can automatically ask customers for their feedback on your product and quickly resolve any discrepancies. 

Costs: FeedbackWhiz offers its users a 30-day trial subscription: After this period, sellers have the option to choose between five different variants.

Amazon Seller Tool for inventory management 


RestockPro is a true all-rounder when it comes to inventory management. The tool keeps your inventory up to date with the help of real-time tracking of incoming and outgoing shipments. In addition, RestockPro helps sellers determine exactly when and how many products need to be reordered. This way, an out-of-stock event can be skillfully avoided.

Cost: RestockPro allows traders to use the tool free of charge for 21 days. After this time you can choose between five different subscriptions. 

Amazon Seller Tools for Advertising and PPC


Sellics is an all-in-one solution for all Amazon sellers. Especially interesting here is that merchants have the possibility to optimize and automate PPC campaigns with the help of the PPC tool. Here, various metrics are analyzed, such as costs, CPC, or even orders and impressions. Through this tool, Amazon sellers can easily see which campaigns are most successful and thus allocate their budget wisely. 

Costs: Sellics offers its users the chance to test the tool for seven days free of charge. After this time, there are three different pricing options, one of which is even free.

PPC Scope 

With the support of PPC Scope, Amazon FBA merchants can optimize their PPC campaigns on Amazon with ease. The dashboard of this tool offers you a clear overview of all your campaigns. Here you can see which keywords are most successful or how much profit certain ad groups bring. 

Cost: PPC Scope allows users to test the tool for 21 days. After that, traders can choose between four options, which differ in price.

Amazon Seller Tools for the Products and Pricing basically offers merchants the ability to get data and analytics to get a better understanding of how their online business is doing. What's particularly interesting about this tool is that it shows you the best repricing strategies, and with the help of repricing tools you can even automate your price changes. All of this increases the chances of sellers winning and keeping the Amazon Buy Box. Also, with you can analyze your performance of revenue, profit, buy box percentage and sales volume over time.

Costs: The special feature of is that the monthly price is based on the monthly turnover of the merchant. In addition, sellers are offered the opportunity to test the tool free of charge. 


With Repricelt, Amazon merchants can adjust the prices of their products individually and do not have to rely on an automatic tool. The software makes it possible for merchants to analyze the prices of the competition in detail and adjust the price of the products offered, taking into account their own wishes. This process can also be done automatically. Nevertheless, selected attributes can be adjusted at any time to keep your price competitive. Pepcricelt works for any type of product and even offers pricing options for the Amazon Buy Box.

Costs: After a 30-day test subscription, users can choose between seven different variants. 

Amazon Seller Tools for Taxes and accounting  


To guarantee long-term success, traders can't avoid the topic of accounting and taxes. But don't worry, there are helpers for this too. Taxdoo offers you automated VAT data preparation for the entire EU or automated data collection via interfaces to marketplaces as well as to shop and ERP systems. If desired, VAT registration in all EU countries is even possible. But these are just some of the highlights that await you with Taxdoo.

Cost: Taxdoo offers a basic package for already 89€ per month, some more advanced packages and additional features for online traders. You also have the option of a free demo.


Essential for success on Amazon is a suitable analysis tool for you, so that you not only keep track, but can also boost your success faster. Have you now really got your business rolling and still need the right financing to further expand your success? Then we from fulfin with our Financing options just the thing for you! Click here and request a non-binding offer today. 

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