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fulfin - the alternative to factoring

Fast and flexible financing for online businesses and merchants

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Simple and intuitive digital application. A transparent and understandable fee.


Apply in minutes. Get credit decision within 24 hours.


Design the perfect loan for your individual financing needs.


No more liquidity bottlenecks with fulfin's backing.

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Liquidity per click.

Secure your short-term loan at top conditions.

Adapted to your online business with flexible payment breaks.

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Your questions & our answers about our financing

What does a factoring company do?

The basic prerequisite for being able to use profit from factoring is a service rendered or a product delivered to a customer. The company issues an invoice to its customer and then turns to a factoring company. The factor pays the invoice amount to the company, less a fee. The receivable is overwritten and enables the company to obtain short-term liquidity.

What does financing with fulfin look like?

fulfin is a newly developed type of financing especially for e-commerce sellers. Here, no invoice previously issued to a customer is required, but a loan is paid out flexibly.

What advantages does a loan from fulfin have over a factoring company?

1. Factoring contracts are often concluded with a term of at least one year. fulfin, on the other hand, offers flexible solutions with individual terms.
2. fulfin financing can financially bridge the entire cycle from procurement to the actual sale of goods. Factoring only covers a small part (from the sale of the supplier receivable to the settlement of the invoice).
3. the Financing of Goods by means of fulfin is specially adapted to the requirements of the e-commerce business. Factoring companies often have difficulty financing all receivables when they originate from a marketplace, such as Amazon.

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