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Up to 500 Euro for you & 50 Euro for your friends
Invite friends now

Secure your voucher worth up to 500 euros now!

Invite your friends, colleagues and acquaintances to try fulfin now.
For each successfully disbursed loan, you will receive an Amazon voucher worth up to 500 euros (see the scale below). There is also a welcome voucher worth 50 euros for your friends.

It's so easy to invite friends, acquaintances and colleagues to fulfin!

Step 1

Go to app fulfin and log into your dashboard

Step 2

Copy the personal link under seller performance

Step 3

Send the link to your friends and acquaintances

Step 4

After the loan has been paid out to your friend, you will receive up to 500 euros as a thank you!
For each loan disbursed, there is a

50 Euro voucher on top!

You receive as a tip from us:

An Amazon voucher worth up to 500 euros depending on the loan amount

Up to €9,999 → €25 AMZ voucher
from 10.000 € → 50 € AMZ voucher
from 20.000 € → 100 € AMZ voucher
from 50.000 € → 250 € AMZ voucher
from 100.000 € → 500 € AMZ voucher

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