Our mission is to always be transparent

That’s why we have clear pricing and low fees. Our interest rates starts from as low as 0.7% per month.

“I used to be worried about running out of stock, which would damage my valuable seller ranking. With fulfin, I am now always ready to deliver, and all of my sales are secured!”

Benjamin L., Lens-Aid

“Everything was simple and straightforward. I would definitely recommend fulfin!”

Marc S., Rep Ahead

“I have used fulfin goods financing several times for my company. Both processing and communication were always super straightforward and goal-oriented.”

Daniel L., Treebox

Loan Calculator

€1.000 €100.000
3 month6 months

Our fees depend on your creditworthiness, term of the loan, and starts at 0.7% per month.
Here is a repayment example: You borrow 100.000 Euros for 3 months at a fee of 0,7% per month. The total repayment amount is € 102.100. The total fee is € 2.100, which is 2,1%.

Total Payment:

Transparent pricing

We calculate your interest rate based on three primary factors

Loan amount and period

We need to know how much you need to borrow and for how long, including repayment breaks. 

Supporting documentation

The more requirments information you provide, the better we can understand your risk profile.

Inventory collateralized

The more inventory you are willing to collateralize, the better interest rate we can offer.

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