Achieving Fourfold Revenue Growth
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About Thermonator

Elegant and exquisitely crafted fitness shakers in odorless stainless steel with hygienic and leak-proof screw cap.


Mario, Johannes, and Lorenz crossed paths at the gym. All three unanimously agreed on the downsides of conventional plastic shakers:


  1. Unpleasant odors due to accumulation of impurities
  2. Inability to keep beverages cool


Thus, the concept for an innovative and eco-friendly shaker was born – the Thermonator. This aluminum shaker, equipped with double-walled vacuum insulation technology, keeps liquids cool for over 12 hours, even in hot environments.

A hygienic, odor-free shake-mix experience that is also robust and leak-proof.


Today, they take pride in having sold over 25,000 shakers with their team. Moreover, they are working on developing additional fitness and lifestyle products that assist their customers in becoming the best version of themselves every day.

Thermonator in Figures

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Revenue Growth

The Challenge: Inventory Financing

The Thermonator strikes a chord with fitness enthusiasts, and the initial batch of ordered shakers is flying off the shelves.

The team is swiftly and consistently confronted with a major challenge: their online store repeatedly running out of stock.


As a result, they needed additional capital to place further orders, as their available equity fell short of fully satisfying the demand for their products.



The solution: Leveraging external growth financing, unleashing a substantial multiplier effect for exponential and sustainable growth.



This is where fulfin stepped in to assist.

Mario Amadori

CEO, Thermonator

“fulfin functions like a catalyst. Suddenly you have the capacity to place significantly larger orders, resulting in an enhanced credit rating. Your entire business takes an exponential leap instead of incremental strides, paving the way for fresh opportunities to flourish.”

The Solution: Growth Financing from fulfin

Mario contacted fulfin, and in under a week, he had already secured the first booster. A second one quickly followed, and now, fulfin has stepped in to support the Thermonator team for the third time, providing them with flexible and expanding cash reserves to safeguard their inventory.

This has made it possible to achieve almost five-figure revenue sums (per day!)





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