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peer August 16, 2021 3 Minutes
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Over the past few weeks, we've had the pleasure of participating in some exciting projects. From events to interesting podcasts with our Founder and Co-CEO Nathan Evans was all there. If you could not be there, this is not a problem! Because we have listed and linked the most important August highlights 2021 for you here on our blog, so that you get the opportunity to be there later and listen in.

The Love of the Game with Nathan Evans

In the latest episode of WHU's Most Awesome Founder Podcast, Nathan talks about his journey from studying physics to the London trading floor. He also reveals how he went from FinTech product management to his own high-growth company in this podcast episode, creating one of our August 2021 highlights.

This conversation with Nathan was absolutely great - full of stories, metaphors and wisdom. We even talked about the similarities between poker and entrepreneurship! I hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did producing it.

The podcast is available both on the homepage of the THE MOST AWESOME FOUNDER PODCAST as well as on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


Part 1: Nathan Preview (00:04)

Part 2: Introducing Nathan Evans (02:15)

Part 3: Nathan's founder journey (04:41)

Part 4: "The love of the game" - Making the right decisions as Nathan's drive (10:09)

Part 5: Parallels between life and entrepreneurship as a "long game" (12:44)

Part 6: How Nathan's trajectory led him to founder-market (15:52)

Part 7: Growth financing for young eCommerce companies - the problem fulfin solves (18:07)

Part 8: "Don't use equity capital to finance working capital" - Nathan's financing advice (20:58)

Part 9: Bootstrappers are the main customer group of fulfin (23:48)

Part 10: "Nail it and scale it!" - Nathan's focus in the early times of fulfin (25:03) 

Part 11: "More will try and more will fail!" - Nathan's prediction on the future of retail and eCommerce (28:55)

Part 12: The effect of rollup companies like Rayzor Group and others on eCommerce entrepreneurs and fulfin (31:50)

Part 13: Nathan's work as a startup mentor (36:14)

Part 14: The changes in the startup ecosystem in Nathan's view (39:10)

Part 15: "Founder-fit" as the addition to founder-market fit (42:15)

Part 16: "The love of the game" - For Nathan the only reason to go into entrepreneurship (45:00)

Part 17: What would Nathan tell his younger self? (47:33)

Part 18: What book is Nathan currently reading? (49:39)

Part 19: What is cycling on Nathan's playlist? (52:38)

Startcast - FinTech with fulfin

Florian Bogenschütz and Max Ostermeier meet interesting founders from Munich and interview them. They dive into the depths of the start-up scene with critical questions and breaking honesty. This month, our Founder and Co-CEO Nathan Evans talked to them about the FinTech scene, which is why we also count this podcast among our August 2021 highlights.

You can get a detailed insight at the Startcast homepageas well as on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

MeetFounders UK-Europe Fundraising Conference

The entirely virtual event took place on August 2, 2021, and includes as a core element building real relationships via video chats to connect with other investors, as well as VCs, startups currently raising capital, and other future founders.

The Highlight The most important part of the event is the LIVE Startup Pitches, as well as 6 panels of VCs and industry leaders, to which fulfin was also invited this time. We were represented by our Founder and Co-CEO Nathan Evans.

The composition of the various panels took place as follows:

  1. Common startup mistakes
  2. Negotiating with VCs
  3. angel funding
  4. Pre-Seed & Seed Fundraising Consulting
  5. VC Consulting - Cap Tables
  6. Funded Founders - Advice for new startups

If you also want to get an insight and are interested to know what role fulfin played at this event, just click on the following link HERE in.

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