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peer April 20, 2021 3 Minutes
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For several years now, you have been professionally active in the Amazon cosmos and have become one of the experts in this field with your international Amazon PPC agency. What motivated you to take this path and start as an Amazon expert? Tell us something about Your vision. 

Since I have been active in the Amazon cosmos, the complexity of selling on Amazon has increased - enormously - as everything has become even faster and more dynamic. This already starts in the area of marketing/sales, but goes even further from areas such as controlling to infrastructural requirements. And this is where we, in large part, come in! We help merchants to get through the Amazon jungle - partly operational, partly consulting. But at eFly-amz we always take our merchants by the hand and help them find the right way. 

You have many years of experience in e-commerce and have advised many sellers and vendors on how to use Amazon. What are the Key-Learnings, you were able to gather in the past? Looking back, what would you have liked to have known earlier?

An extremely good question, but also a multifaceted one. Following are some of the many key learnings:

  1. A clean and daily updated controlling on product and country level is a prerequisite
  2. The importance of Amazon PPC while keeping track of how much money you can spend on it. 
  3. Content is King (you should calculate what a double good CR does to your own sales/costs)
  4. You should also try to build up a CLV with end customers who buy via Amazon.
  5. I would have liked to have known Amazon DSP 5 years ago.

Especially e-commerce beginners who want to sell products on Amazon are usually confronted with a variety of instructions, tips and tricks. In your opinion, which steps should sellers take at the beginning in order to successfully gain a foothold in the Amazon ecosystem at seize?

I think having a partner - especially in the beginning - by your side is essential. There is an insane number of options to make mistakes, where you also have to dig deep into your pocket if you don't know better. This is where a competent partner can certainly save you from a lot of things and missteps! Also, blanket answers, or solutions are always difficult to give, because Amazon is much too individually oriented. Accordingly, I also consider an individual support, as you get it at eFly-amz definitely always the right step.

Once the products are ready to be sold on Amazon, further measures can be taken to build a goal-oriented strategy: Amazon marketing is the keyword here. What do you think are the most important 'ingredients' to increase sales and stay competitive when selling on the online platform?

For me, it's about:

  1. Retail Readiness (Ratings/Content/SEO)
  2. Performance marketing (to get visibility)

In addition, you can take many more steps. However, the listed points are the absolute basics, which are also in many cases already sufficient to sell relevant. 

Amazon's ranking algorithm is known to include a number of influencing factors in its decision on which product to display at the top of organic search results. What is the best SEO strategy, in order to meet with its products the Amazon Seller Rank to dominate?

Personally, I don't think SEO is as elementary as it was 2 or 3 years ago. SEO is primarily there to show the algo what kind of product you sell, but it doesn't show you how relevant your product is weighted. This is where KPIs like CR/CTR play a much more significant role. Advertising is also crucial at this point. Because if you are indexed for a keyword it does not mean that you will get visibility for it. In all these aspects eFly-amz can help the customer and stand as a competent partner at the side.

Amazon itself offers sellers a variety of advertising options that help products rank as high as possible in search results. What process would you recommend to sellers regarding Amazon PPC campaigns recommend and how can eFly-amz help with that? 

Here I would like to name so many things! The following are therefore a few key points on which you can certainly orient yourself (depending on the maturity of your own advertising account currently has):

  • You don't always have to shoot your own top KWs full of advertising, as long as you already have a good ranking organically.
  • One should keep an eye on the TACoS at the product level
  • Strategic advertising campaign management is crucial (competition OOS/competition price change, etc.)
  • There is a lot of buying on product detail pages and not only in the SERPs - here the distribution of organic slots to paid slots is completely different.
  • Take a look at Amazon DSP 

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