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Your questions & our answers about our financing

How does purchase financing via finetrading work?

Finetrading is an alternative form of purchasing or Pre-financing of goodsin which the finetrader acts as an intermediary between the supplier and the retailer. The merchant negotiates the delivery terms, prices and other conditions with his supplier in advance. The order itself is then placed by the finetrading company for its own account, but delivered to the dealer's destination. As soon as the merchant has approved the invoice, the finetrader pays the supplier. The seller, in turn, receives from the finetrader an extended payment term or the possibility to settle his liabilities by installments.

What is the basic difference between fulfin and a finetrader?

Unlike financial traders or pure commodity purchase financiers, fulfin is not an intermediary in the commodity supply chain. The supply chain is not interrupted and communication with suppliers or manufacturers remains unaffected.

How does the financing of goods with fulfin work?

fulfin, the pioneer of digital financing providers, has developed a new type of fulfillment financing especially for e-commerce sellers, which is called Purchase Financing developed. Compared to finetrading, with fulfin there is no intervention in the relationship between supplier and retailer - the retailer negotiates independently with the supplier. Furthermore, fulfin also allows for subsequent financing in the sense of a Inventory Financing: possible. This allows the costs incurred to be covered regardless of previous orders and the previous invoice total.

What are the advantages of financing with fulfin compared to finetrading?

  1. The supplier-dealer relationship is not affected
  2. The capital does not necessarily have to be used for the Financing of Goods be used
  3. The goods can be prefinanced as well as postfinanced

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