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Andreea Octavia Stancu March 22, 2020 3 Minutes
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The right product selection is the first important step for sellers to a successful FBA business. And although we are confronted with a multitude of products and product ideas every day, only a few of them are suitable for achieving an outstanding sales ranking on Amazon. Photographability, marketing costs, competitor products and seasonality are important decision criteria that need to be taken into consideration at the very beginning. For these reasons, quite a bit of time should be invested in finding suitable sales products for one's business. We have summarized the five best methods and tools for a successful Amazon product research here:

Method 1: Brainstorming + Amazon Bestseller Ranking

One of the most mundane, yet effective methods of finding new products is still to conduct a classic brainstorming session in combination with the Amazon bestseller ranking. It is recommended to take half an hour, sit down and make a list of products you are personally interested in. With the help of the AMZ Seller Browser you can easily estimate the sales potential of these products. To do this, simply take a look at the Amazon Best Seller Ranking (BSR) and use this to rank the products chronologically. As part of a final research, it should then be determined where there may still be a need for optimization.

Method 2: Match and curate products

A comprehensive product research can take a lot of time. Therefore, there is nothing against making the research work easier for yourself and using the work of others as a template. If you take a look at various websites, blogs or articles, you will notice that there are always currently popular products curing. By matching these with the current product selection on Amazon, it is quite easy to find products that are not currently offered enough on Amazon. With the following methods, the marketability of the products found can be determined in simple steps.

Method 3: Finding accessory products

The search for accessories or supplements to successful main products is also a successful way to find promising products in the Amazon product search. As a seller, you should be on the lookout for accessory products that are not offered in sufficient quantity or are difficult to find. One advantage here is that the target group - buyers of the main product - already exists. To what extent one can conclude from the main product to the potential sales figures of the accessory depends on the necessity of the addition.

Method 4: Use Amazon Reviews for Product Research

Most sellers only use the review system offered by Amazon to make a purchase decision. Therefore, many sellers are not aware that it is also an excellent Amazon product research tool. The goal is to find products that are often criticized for a certain deficiency. Subsequently, it is important to find a product that does not have this deficit, in order to create its own niche.

Method 5: Amazon product research via platforms

Jungle Scout, Sellics and ASINspector are useful product research platforms that can be used to identify promising products by means of key figures such as average price, monthly sales, ratings and reviews. Using the "Related Products" function, you can click through the related products until you reach one that has the ideal conditions for your business in terms of rating, sales and fees.

It is advisable to collect each researched product as well as the associated key figures in an Excel spreadsheet in order to maintain an overview. Important for the final decision and the calculation of the total profit are above all the total profit (profit per unit x sales) as well as the profit per unit (price per unit - costs per unit).

From all products, it is then necessary to crystallize those that are particularly promising in terms of Amazon sales ranking. One should only be cautious with products that are 

(A) are easy to sell but involve disproportionate costs to sell

B) have already reached their peek in terms of sales figures

or C) are highly seasonal products and therefore have only a short period with high sales figures

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