The First Financial Benchmarking for Digital Economy SMEs

The Financial Health Index from fulfin provides valuable business insights and shows you how you compare to other digital entrepreneurs.
Insights that no bank offers you!

We bring Light
into your Business

Identify the Strengths & Weaknesses

Our Risk Managers have an unbiased view on your financial metrics, showing you all the financial strengths & weaknesses of your business.

Performance Benchmarking

How does your business compare to others in the industry? Compare your business performance with other digital entrepreneurs!

Valuable Expert Tips

Leveraging your company's strengths and weaknesses, our risk analysts unveil untapped potential for optimization within your organization.

Discover the Magic!
Here's how it works:

Generate your Financial Health Index within minutes and discover how your business copmares to other online businesses in Germany.

Step 1
Register & Connect Accounts

Get started today for free! Apply for growth funding and connect your business bank accounts.

Step 2
Data Analysis & Scoring

A fully automated, AI-based analysis of your company and the provided data generates a personalized report with evaluations of key financial metrics.

Step 3
Your Benchmarking

Done! Your Financial Health Index includes a comprehensive overview of your evaluations and a comparison with thousands of other online businesses in Germany.

100% free of charge
Available for all Online Businesses

The Financial Health Index is completely free of charge. Applicants receive it automatically, regardless of the decision on the loan application.

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